So sánh máy in EBS 250 và EBS 260

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Bài viết 3N Tech So sánh máy in EBS 250 và EBS 260

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Thông tin chi tiết

Print height:
27mm (EBS-250) and 53mm (EBS-260)
Print matrix:
16-dots (EBS-250) and 32-dots (EBS-260)
Nozzle size::
150 micron (120 and 200 micron optional for EBS-250)
Print direction:
Any - omni-directional
Text size:
8 to 27mm (EBS-250); 8 to 53mm (EBS-260)
Monochrome BMP up to 16 dots high (EBS-250) or 32 dots high (EBS-260)
Print speed & delay:
Controlled by built-in encoder
Variable fields:
Counters, dates, times, offset dates, keyboard input (EBS-260)
Ink types:
Water, ethanol, acetone & MEK based. Food-grade.
Ink colours:
Black, red, blue, yellow and brown
Ink container:
110ml cartridge (EBS-250); 200ml cartridge (EBS-260)
Ink consumption:
At least 100,000 7x5 dot characters per 100ml
EBS-250 Bluetooth; EBS-260 Bluetooth and USB
Message storage:
EBS-250 32 messages; EBS-260 50,000+ messages
Operating time:
EBS-250 50 hours; EBS-260 16 hours
Print alignment guides, database software (EBS-250)
Lithium-ion rechargeable
EBS-250 0.5 to +40 degrees C; EBS-260 +5 to +40 degrees C

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