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The sMRT ATEX life jacket and PLB solution is easy to use, auto activates and monitors the safety of your crew 24/7. The SOLAS approved life jacket inflates and activates the sMRT ATEX approved PLB as it hits the water. Integrated at manufacturer level, the sMRT ATEX approved PLB sends a distress alert and position via AIS & 121.5MHz or VHF DSC in accordance with new safety standards. So, if the worst does happen, you have the best possible chance of survival. The sMRT ATEX is manufa

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Why choose the sMRT ATEX?

  • SOLAS 275N approved life jacket
  • Integrated with any of MRT’s ATEX approved PLB range
  • PFD & PLB combination specifically designed for ATEX environment
  • Activates automatically on immersion in water or manually
  • Optional ATEX PFD accessories available
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